Annual Conference of the European Association of
Environmental and Resource Economists,
June 24-27 2015

City of Helsinki

University of Helsinki

Photo: Eero Roine
Source: Helsinki University Museum

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The inaugural procession of the Academy 1640

Conference dinner in Finlandia house (Alvar Aalto)

Boreal pine forest

Instructions for presenters

Parallel sessions


A computer (MS Windows environment) will be available in each room for the presentations. Please use either PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx) or Portable Document Format (.pdf) for presentations. Presenters are requested to bring their presentation on a USB disk. Connecting personal laptops is strongly discouraged!


The time available for each paper is 30 minutes, including 20 minutes for presentation, 5 minutes for discussant's comments and 5 minutes for general discussion.


Presenters are invited to come to the room 10 minutes prior to the start of the session so that presentations can be copied onto the computer before the session begins. Please avoid using file names including EAERE or 2015, as this may overwrite your colleague's presentation. Our conference assistants will be happy to help in case of technical difficulties.
All presenters are called upon to discuss a paper. If you are a discussant, you will be discussing a paper in the same session as the one in which you present. You may also be the session's chair.


Chairs are invited to come to the room 10 minutes prior to the start of the session. They introduce the session and speakers, make sure that the available time is divided equally over each paper to be presented, and guide the discussion from the floor following the presentation. Although exceptions may occur, the chair is usually the same person as the presenter of the last paper in the session. The conference programme identifies the chairs for individual sessions. In case the scheduled chair does not attend, the presenter of the session's actual last paper is expected to take the role of chair.


Discussants are expected to provide a brief discussion (about 5 minutes), focusing on specific issues and questions, leaving sufficient time for general discussion from the floor. Any detailed comments can be passed on to the presenter after the session, in written form if preferred. Although exceptions may occur, the discussant is usually the same person as the presenter of the next paper in the session. The presenter of the first paper is usually the discussant of the final paper.


Poster sessions


The panel size for a poster stand is 95cm x 115cm (width x height). There are no further regulations concerning the design of the posters and no template for poster design is provided. Please check the number of your poster stand from the list located in the poster area, second floor. You are kindly asked to put your poster on Wednesday, June 24th, during the Welcome Reception or on Thursday, June 25th, before 9:00 at the latest. The Conference Secretariat will provide all the necessary tools and materials (tape, pins etc...) to hang the poster on the panel. The Poster area is situated in the second floor lobby. The posters will be displayed throughout the entire duration of the Conference. They will be dismantled on 27th June after the end of the scientific sessions.

Seven poster sessions are scheduled during the Conference coffee and lunch breaks. According to the paper's topic, all posters are clustered into five different groups and so each of these seven sessions is dedicated to a different issue. Each session will encompass 5 to 9 of the posters. The authors of the poster are kindly asked to stay next to their poster for the duration of the session. The duration of poster presentation is 2 minutes.

Poster Sessions are scheduled during the first coffee breaks on Thursday and Friday and during the lunch breaks on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.